CAST is an intensive five-day workshop directed by the Experimental Design Lab and hosted by the School of Design Studies and the National Institute of Experimental Art (NIEA), at the College of Fine Arts (COFA), University of New South Wales, Sydney. CAST is the second in a series of workshops investigating how traditional processes of making can be enhanced by computational design tools and digital fabrication techniques.

The workshop will run from 10 – 1 (morning session) and 2-5 (evening session). The workshop will begin with a series of design exercises and physical prototyping sessions investigating material qualities, novel fabrication techniques and complex cast geometry. With assistance from tutors, participants will work in groups to develop proposals that engage with the potential of computational design tools such as Rhino and Grasshopper.

CAST is open to interdisciplinary participants and does not presume any previous knowledge of parametric modelling. However, architects, designers and artists familiar with computational techniques can also benefit and people with strong creative skills are particularly welcome.



All the resources for the CAST Workshop can be found here.



The CAST Workshop will be taking place at COFA Studios, Room 230 and 231, Mathews Building (F23), UNSW, Kensington Campus (UNSW Campus map).



The workshop will run as an intensive design studio with two formal sessions daily from 10 – 1 (morning session) and 2-5 (evening session) from Monday 9 to Friday 13 July.

All required learning resources (Rhino trial versions, exlab video tutorials and exercises, reference material and parametric scripts/definitions) will be made available prior to the workshop, and participants will be expected to familiarise themselves with this content for discussion and one on one troubleshooting with tutors during morning sessions. Afternoon sessions will focus on the application and extension of these technical skills to produce full scale fabrication prototypes.

The Studio will be available each night until 9pm for participants to keep working if they wish.



All participants in the workshop will be required to bring their own laptop with the following software installed and operating:

SOFTWARE – Evaluation copies of all software can be downloaded for free trial usage during the workshop.

Rhino (4 OR 5) – Please ensure you have service release 8 or 9 to ensure the most recent version of Grasshopper will operate on your machine.

Grasshopper – can be downloaded for free from here. Please ensure that grasshopper works on your laptop before the commencement of the workshop. Please install the latest build (8.0062), from the “Download” button at the top of the page.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 – A free trial can be downloaded here. An earlier version of Adobe is fine.

While previous experience with Rhino and Grasshopper is useful, no experience is necessary to take part in the workshop.



Registration is now open at a special reduced rate via PayPal link below. Participants who register before Monday 25 June will receive a reduced rate of $450.00 for students and $550.00 for professionals.

If you have further questions please contact


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