This tutorial series was developed for the Design Studio AIR at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

The series tries to introduce some of the simpler concepts of Grasshopper within more complex definitions to generate more interesting demonstrations and uses reverse-engineering of exciting contemporary computational design projects.


Click here for VIMEO tutorials.


Content developed and presented by Gwyllim Jahn and Cameron Newnham.

Creative team:

Stanislav Roudavski, Course Designer and Coordinator (some relevant literature)
Senior Tutors: David Lister, Rosie Gunzburg

Elseware (

The curriculum and video sequence can be found here (click on the titles):

Support files (.3dm and .gh) are here:

Tutorial videos use Grasshopper releases 0.9.0014 and 0.9.0075 *Note: Where release 0.9.0014 is used for the videos, changes in the component names in comparison to 0.9.0075 are described in the video comments.