The Pinki Sil Project introduced students to parametric design through the platform of Grasshopper and digital fabrication. The project illustrated the workflow from a parametric model to digital fabrication and the materialisation of the physical object through the creation of a three dimensionally patterned resin tile. The project illustrated to students the power of parametric and computational design tools while reinforcing the importance of materiality and the interrelationship of digital tools with traditional construction process. The project was the result of the first week of the Digital Design + Fabrication Intensive Summer Workshop 17 Jan – 11 Feb, 2011, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne.


Jas Johnston is the Digital Fabrication Facility Coordinator at the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne. He also tutors, assists with design studios and facilitates workshops focused upon digital design techniques through the Experimental Design Lab and digital fabrication techniques through the FabLab. Jas is particularly interested in new forms of digital art and their interaction and enhancement of architecture.